Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When to Keep Focusing on it and When to Let it Go! do you know when to focus on something you want, and when to let go and "let the Universe"? By paying attention to your emotions, of course! Your emotions are the KEY! They are telling you whether you BELIEVE something is possible or not! And belief is the deciding factor that ALLOWS it to appear in your life! If you feel good, excited, light, easy, relaxed etc....when you are thinking about it, then by all means think about it for as long as you can stay in some positive state; because in that moment you are believing in having it and therefore, it IS coming! IT IS LAW!

But if you are thinking about something you want and not feeling good, then you are thinking about the "not having" of it, and you will attract more "not having" it! That is when to let go, meaning; stop focusing on it unless and/or until you can focus on it in a way that feels good! Get it? What you focus on is what you get, and your emotions are telling you whether you are focusing on having it (you have good emotions), which will bring it to you, or not having it(you have negative emotions) which will push it away from you.

Understand that your focus does NOT create what you desire, it is what allows or prevents your desire from coming to you! See, as soon as you want something the Universe goes right to work and it is created, it is DONE! That's the easy part because we shoot off rockets of desires all day every day from all the experiences and living we do! It is not even necessary to know consciously specifically what we want in all areas because the Universe is keeping track of all of it, putting it together in the most wonderful and perfectly synchronized way possible.

Your work is just to get into the "happy space" about anything at all and stay out of the "lack" mentality! Because if you are happy/feeling good you are not feeling lack and you are like the tuning fork that attracts all things like it. Feeling happy attracts things and people that feel happy to you; which is everything you desire that you think will feel really good when you have it!

Come back soon and find out HOW to feel better about your desires because I will show you exactly what you can do :)

In the meantime Happy Focusing!

Please feel free to leave comments and questions.....I welcome them with open eyes and ears!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Remember, YOU'RE the Creator!

I had a sort of revelation yesterday......I realized that I don't have to "put up" with everything in my life! I "remembered" that I am the creator of ALL of it, lock, stock and barrel.....the good, the bad and the ugly! Sounds obvious doesn't it, especially from someone who is a Law of Attraction teacher, huh?! Pretty humbling actually ;). I think that I was so busy trying to stop resisting what is, and feel good with what exists already, I forgot that I am the writer, the director and....... ALL the actors in MY movie! I literally forgot my power! So, since yesterday I've been saying to myself....."I get to have it MY WAY", and "I already put my order in, so it HAS to come", and lo and behold EVERYTHING went my way yesterday......and today too! Pretty cool this Law of Attraction stuff!

But the thing to remember is that we are creating ALL of it, not only the good but the "bad" too! And that's a GOOD thing, really! Because if you are not creating the bad things, as well as the good, then things can "happen" to you! And that, my friends is a very very uncomfortable feeling! I know, I had something "bad"(depending on the eyes you choose to look through) happen last week and what really sent me for a loop was the yuk feeling that I didn't "see it coming"!

I pride myself on the fact that I have this really great "reliable" intuition and this thing seemed to "hit" me out of the blue, well sort of....... Once it happened and I got my bearings again, I realized that I had seen it coming, yet I had tried to ignore it because I wasn't sure how to "head it off"! And that thought was actually very comforting because, as I said, the thought that "bad things" can just happen to you is very disempowering, is it not? So take credit for ALL of it, you ARE the creator of it all! get to decide what it all MEANS too! In "reality" nothing is bad or.......good, in and of itself, only the MEANING YOU give it is bad.......or good! What do YOU CHOOSE? I know I CHOOSE good, and it IS good now! Ahhhh......everything ALWAYS works out for me! :)

I welcome ALL questions and comments! :)