Monday, May 2, 2011

It's ALL Working FOR Me!

My mantra and yours should be "It's All Working FOR Me"! Why? Well, because it is, and...because with that belief in place, then it IS all working FOR you! The meaning you give everything in your life is the meaning you CREATE! The meaning you give things in your life IS the actual act of creation, it is the actual act of creating your reality!

Think about it, all situations and circumstances, in and of themselves are neutral, except for the meaning YOU give them! You give them the meaning, the story about them! Make up a different story, make up a GOOD story, unless of course you are enjoying the bad story, and wallowing in the misery and pity of others, and you know what that will get you.....more misery and things to be pitied about!

You are the one creating everything in your life, so YOU are the one making ALL the rules! If you think that someone or something else is making the rules, then you are just making their rules into your rules! You are the creator of it ALL! Do you get what I am saying here??? Do you get the huge powerful implications here?! There are no rules except the ones YOU choose to believe in, and therefore, YOU are making ALL the rules in YOUR life, big and small! You always get to choose your own rules!!!

Just because something happened for someone else in a certain way, because they did a certain thing, does NOT mean it has to happen that way for you! Not when you know the LOA, and how what you focus on, and believe in is what comes to you! No, you know better than that, so you know to question EVERYTHING that people say about cause and effect, unless it serves YOU; meaning if it feels GOOD to think about FOR YOU! If the effect they are telling you will happen doesn't make you happy, then decide YOUR OWN effect! That is YOUR true freedom, and innate natural power as an individual creator! The cause and effect is ONLY related to YOU, and what you believe will happen from your cause!

So, if you believe that IT'S ALL WORKING FOR YOU, then everything WILL work FOR you! Just by saying and believing that, by the LOA, you WILL CREATE everything as WORKING FOR YOU! You don't need to know the how, that is NOT YOUR JOB, that is the Universe's; just know that it's all working for you, and it will! Circumstances and situations that look negative on the surface will "magically" turn around to be the best "blessings in disguise", and you will not even spend more than a minute "suffering" from them because you will know, "IT'S ALL WORKING FOR YOU"!

Just TRY it for a couple of weeks, or even days and I guarantee you WILL see evidence of EVERYTHING WORKING FOR YOU! And one more is such a RELIEF to know that EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR YOU, just that feeling alone(and you know RELIEF is ALLOWING the GOOD to come) is worth the try! Trust me on this, I KNOW first hand of what I speak of :)!

PS: I happily welcome any comments or questions on this post and any others!

Resistance: What it is and What to Do About It.

Resistance called boredom is still resistance.
Resistance called overwhelment is still resistance.
Resistance called working too hard and not getting enough is still resistance.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 07/24/2010

This Abraham quote made me think of a conversation I had with my "Mastermind Group" today, I sent this to them, and I thought I'd post my thoughts about it here too for all of my readers benefit also.....

I think many times we "think" we feel "good" but we still have a lot of "resistance" going on. And the more we know about the loa, the more we "let" ourselves want(cause now we know, or at least we believe more is possible for us), therefore the faster our energy moves.....and then.....and I'll paraphrase Abraham here, "when you hit a tree going 100mph as opposed to 20mph, it's a much bigger crash!

So, what's the solution with all this "little" stuff that gets "big" quick now......well, that's the WORK, our ONLY work that is of any importance at all; it is to constantly downplay anything that bothers us or others, constantly make a big deal about anything that feels at all good, make lots of lists of positive aspects, put EVERTHING in the MOST positive light we can possibly manage, make NO big deal about our mistakes, errors or mis-judgements, OR anyone elses, appreciate as much as possible every little thing we can, watch things on tv that make us smile, not growl:) and worry, and MOST IMPORTANTLY.....NOT BEAT OURSELVES UP WHEN WE FORGET TO DO ALL THESE THINGS, lol!

....and I invite all of YOU to please comment, question or add anything else that works for you! I love to learn new tools! :)))!